Cost & Contact Details

For each day flying and photography we charge a fixed fee of £400. This fee includes all the photographs taken that day. There are usually hundreds of photographs per day. We can provide a certificate of authentication if required.

If bad weather spoils the day at any point, we will simply try again another day at no extra cost to you.

All images are delivered to you as .jpg files on data CDs, the images have about 5,000,000 pixels each.

Before passing the images over to you, we go though them, selecting the best and editing these a little if needed. We put these "best" images into a folder "best" on disc. There is no charge for this post production work, and all the raw images are also supplied to you in other directories in case you would prefer to do this work yourself. However most people find that the images in the "best" folder more than fulfil their needs.

Copyright in the images becomes yours.
Only if the distance to the photography site exceeds 100 miles from Chertsey will we will ask for our petrol costs. On very rare occasions accommodation may be needed.

Special rates can be negotiated for sites that need three or more days of flying and photography. 
Geoff Chapman
Tel: 01932 561722
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